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Sleep experts have discovered that a person’s favorite sleeping positions reveals their personalities.

Get Better Sleep with Relax Right Pillows™

As a practicing cosmetic surgeon for many years, I found that sleeping on the back is the best sleeping position to reduce premature facial wrinkles.  By avoiding the ‘bunching up’ of tissue on the pillows surface it’s harder for the wrinkles to start.  I find the Relax Right pillow is scientifically designed for maximum comfort and support PLUS it is customizable to fit the user.  The patented design is the key to healthy posture and better sleep.  By properly aligning the head, neck, and shoulders during sleep, the Relax Right pillow minimizes neck pain, stiffness, and headaches.  Many patients report a reduction in sleep apnea and snoring.  And due to the unique design, the Relax Right pillow offers over 10 different positions to accommodate all body shapes and needs.  Just try turning it around or flipping it over to find the perfect fit for your body!

Mark Gaon, MD

Mark Gaon, MD

Relax Right pillows are great for kids too!

Our Relax Right Toddler and Big Kid’s Pillows position the neck and spine correctly, promoting healthier posture and better sleep.

Our children’s pillows are now made with Memory Foam and feature an Antimicrobial Velour Cover which adds to the the great performance of our pillows!

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The wrong pillow can be a real pain in the neck—not to mention a barrier to a good night’s sleep. So find the right fit.

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You’ve no doubt heard about how important finding a comfortable mattress is for clocking quality sleep, but it’s also key to invest in the right pillow. An ill-fitting pillow is not only a sleep thief [...]

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