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Until recently, the basic design of a bed pillow has remained unchanged for thousands of years.  Although virtually all discussion about bed pillows revolves about cosmetic qualities, materials, or “softness”, the science of Ergonomics hints at a different perspective – that the pillow is important to our overall health.

Even though we all sleep, most of us rarely think about the importance of the pillow to our health. A pillow is a truly personal possession, a possession we spend every night with.  A third of our lives.  And for those people who don’t have a quality sleeping experience due to their pillow, life can be miserable.

We’ve heard it before: the patient wakes up with neck pain, with a stiff neck, with headaches – and although the patient wants relief, no one thinks the lowly pillow could be the cause.

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The RelaxRight® pillow is a patented cervical pillow that is designed to support the cervical curve while keeping the spine straighter while sleeping.  The pillow is firm, yet comfortable – providing needed support.

The RelaxRight® pillow helps relieve neck pain, stiff neck, and headaches after waking up.  The pillow can help reduce snoring and help address cervical curve issues.  There have been numerous reports that the pillow aids a patient’s comfort in a post-surgical or post-therapeutic environment.  The pillow has helped reduce symptoms of frozen shoulder.

The pillow’s “hammock effect” enables the sleeper to maintain a straighter neck and spine. Also, the sleeper needn’t wake up to adjust the pillow.

RelaxRight® pillows dramatically increase patient satisfaction as well as add another revenue source.