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Why are Relax Right pillows better?

  • Better For Your Body: Scientifically designed and patented, the Relax Right pillow akes back sleeping amazingly comfortable…and sleeping on the back is the best position to reduce facial wrinkling. Since back sleeping avoids the ‘bunching-up’ of tissue on the pillow’s surface, it’s harder for the wrinkles to start. Many sleepers report a reduction in sleep apnea and snoring
  • More Comfortable: In addition to being shaped correctly and the relaxing hammock effect of the hollow core, Relax Right uses two types of pressure relieving memory foam allowing it to be more supportive under the neck area and softer under the head and face area for ultimate comfort.
  • Fits More People: The Relax Right Pillow is multi-directional and multi-positional with four unique sides and up to 8 choices for side sleeping and 8 choices for back sleeping. Try turning it around or flipping it over to find the perfect fit for your body.
  • Technical Description: The front cervical roll combined with the traction core, allows the head to cradle back into the core conforming to the normal lordotic curve of the cervical spine while supplying gentle traction.

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  • Patented Multi-Position Design Offers up to 16 Sleeping Position Options.
  • Combines Types of Premium Quality Memory Foam – NOT Shredded foam like cheaper pillows!
  • Antimicrobial Velour Cover.
  • Perfect Back Sleeping and Side Sleeping in One Pillow!
  • The Relax Right Pillow is Patented!  It features a hollow core (Technically a “Traction Core”) which allows for gentle axial traction of the cervical spine while back sleeping.


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